Why Natural Birth is Best for You and Your Baby

When I was pregnant with my first baby, Adriana, I was also fixated with the idea of natural child birth. However, the pain frightened me. So I started doing my research.

Women’s bodies are designed to give birth. It is a normal biological function since our existence. Though it is not a medical event, we are lucky to have interventions when the need arises. However, we must not forget the fact that birth happens on its own.

You might think I’m being biased with natural child birth because I like living all natural but NO, I am not judging other moms out there who chose other methods like caesarian birth or the use of epidurals and narcotics. I’m sure they have their own reasons. This blog will only contain the benefits of natural child birth and why science thinks that it is the safest and healthiest for you and your baby.

A baby gets a lot of benefits when delivered via natural birth. Babies who pass through the birth canal get more diversified microbiomes and protective bacteria that aids to build their immune system. This will make them less susceptible to allergies, asthma, less risk for obesity and diabetes when they grow up.


Natural birth is not only good for your baby but it is usually the safest and healthiest for the mother. It saves you from the side effects of c-section, epidurals and narcotics and longer time of recovery. In addition, natural birth is advantageous for breastfeeding since you did not take any medication to compromise the quality of your milk.

Labor pain in natural birth is part of nature’s map. These sensations are important to the birth process since it gives you cues for your position and if it is time to push, how to push and when to stop.

To sum up everything, natural birth is the best. It is what makes us human.  However, if the thought is too frightening for you, you can sensibly use other alternatives. Just make sure that you know the risks and benefits so that you can make the best choice for yourself and your baby.

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